The Laarbruch Project

You will all be aware of the difficulty we have had over the years to find a permanent home for our ‘Memorabilia’ where it can be permanently on display in all its glory. There have been numerous projects that failed or were too much of a compromise or just did not materialise. However your committee are pleased to announce that we have a solution at long last.

We have been approached by the Royal Air Force Museum at LAARBRUCH, (which is now Flughafen Dusseldorf-Weeze) who have offered a home to our memorabilia, where it can be on permanent display, RAF Laarbruch was an active RAF Station from 1954 to 1999 and formed the UK contingent to NATO as part of 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force.The museum is keen to show all the Sqns and Units that served at RAF Laarbruch and were part of the integral life of the German community in Weeze.

31 Squadron formed with Canberra PR 7’s at RAF Laarbruch and were based there from 1 March 1955 until 1971.

The museum is funded and managed by a committee on behalf of the Local Authority (Gemeinde). Its Deputy Chairman is retired Sqn Ldr Rod Hawkins who was a Tornado Navigator on 31 Sqn in the late 1990’s. Rod is a member of our Association and now lives in the local area and he and his wife Cilly attend all our functions.

The entrance fee to the museum is € 2 euros. The cost to fly to Laarbruch from Stanstead is about £20 (RyanAir) and there is plenty on accommodation in Weeze. Laarbruch is approximately 150 miles from Rotterdam and takes just over 2 hours.