Cpl Peter Walker’s Illustrated Diary of his RAF Service in India & Burma 1942-46

75 years ago, Cpl Peter Walker started an incredibly detailed diary of life as a member of the RAF ground crew during the Second World War, stationed firstly at a Staging Post in India and then with 31 Squadron in Burma. In 2007 Peter’s daughter, Liz Dent, intercepted an old trunk from her mother’s attic headed for the skip. The trunk turned out to be a capsule of a forgotten time: the story of a man who had fought for his country 5,000 miles away from home.
Peter Walker was a trained pilot but grounded by the RAF when it was discovered he was colour-blind, and sent to service the planes rather than to fly them. Peter, a well-educated man, was able to document and photograph all aspects of life as part of the ground crew. Inside the trunk were over 500 photographs, letters, documents and detailed diaries spanning over 4 years’ service. Over the past 6 years Liz has taken the story started ¾ of a century ago by her father and transformed it into a 200 page book, complete with many photographs and original diary exerpts. In order to bring this story to life, Liz is looking to the public to help her fund her creative project via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Liz Dent said “This book has been a labour of love; I look forward to sharing my father’s story with the world. For those who have family who were stationed overseas, I hope this book will bring them some way to understanding what life might have been like for our brave men and women who spent years away from home, a lot of whom weren’t as lucky as my father to return home to their families. This book is in tribute to all those who fought in the Second World War.” “Any help we can receive to make this project happen will be amazing and we are looking to Kickstarter to help us achieve the initial publishing and print-run costs of £3,000. Those who pledge will forever be included with the project inside the Thank You pages of the book, together with options to receive a signed copy of the book and even a unique piece of wall art for the highest pledgers.” The link for more information and/or to donate is: